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Friday, 22 May 2015

Moisturiser talk

Firstly, sorry for not posting in so long, now with extra time on my hand I will be posting alot more!
Okay, so I'm definitely one of those people who's guilty of skipping this step far too many times. But when I do reach for a moisturiser I opt for one of these two. Embryolisse Laite-Crème Concentré which is the thicker of the two leaving my face feeling nourished and soft, it's also favoured by many makeup artists world wide so it's clearly popular for a reason! Secondly we have Piz Buin Ultra Light dry touch face fluid 30 SPF which I love to use during warmer months, not only is it protecting my skin but the formula dries to a matte finish so for all of my oilier girls this one is a gem you need in your life. 😽

Friday, 14 March 2014

Si loves Birchbox.

It's Birchbox day! I'm assuming a few of you may already know what i'm on about, but for those of you who don't, Birchbox is a monthly subscription service which sends you 4-5 sample/full size products.
It's priced at £10/$10 +p&p (your first box gets free p&p!). Sometimes, the boxes you receive are nicer then others, vice versa, but I'd definitely recommend you guys check them out on their website, it's a cute concept.

Okay so i was really excited about this months box because Birchbox teamed up with Lulu Guinness to provide us with this rather beautiful looking box, if i do say so myself. Red lips ftw!   

                                 The inside:

                                  List of products provided, pretty useful.
                                 How cute is that..

I was excited about receiving a benefit sample, disappointed about the size though.

                                                                        xo dolls.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Mousse business.

Some of you may not feel this is applicable to you but basically, MOUSSE! I have curly hair so I'm always on the lookout for that one product that will just give them a boost of life and definition, do I use mousse everyday? nope... sometimes I just leave my hair do its own thaaang, but when I feel like saying to my hair 'hold up, you need to be controlled' I turn to Umberto Giannini shapely curl friends mousse, 200ml £4.89. It's no where near as sticky or drying as some I've previously tried so it's definitely worth giving it a shot if you need a good mousse in your life, foam away.

p.s. my hair ranges from curly hair type 2B-3A, it literally has mood swings, curlier one day, less defined the other.. ah the struggle.

                           so yeah, if any of you have curly hair what's your holy grail product?

Saturday, 1 February 2014

DKNY is delicious.

So i have this little secret, its DKNY be delicious eau de perfum, 30 ml £34.99. 
 It's one of my all time favourite perfume. Everything about this scent is just perfect, it's most definitely wearable during the day, and I've always gotten compliments on how nice I smell with this beauty on, like literally, nobody's not liked this scent, ever, that I know of anyway. It's really addictive too, I find myself spraying it a few times too many because I just can't get enough. Even my mum wants to buy one now! However, the only down size is that for £35 you only get a small amount, but it's definitely a worthy investment.

'top notes including American Apple, crisp Green Cucumber and sparkling Grapefruit. The middle notes are sweet and sinful with Magnolia, Tuberose, White Muguet, Rose and Violet. In the base, Sandalwood and White Amber round out the scent with an innocent and sexy appeal.'


Saturday, 25 January 2014

Go for gold!

Gotta love me some gold jewellery. My latest discovery being this double chain by H&M, £10. I don't think anyone can go wrong with a simple gold chain, unless it's bright yellow and cheap looking, you're good to go. You can mix and match this necklace from causal to night. I prefer wearing it when I'm all dressed up as I feel it just adds that simple detailed effect.