Hello and welcome to my blog you beautiful humans, I will be blogging beauty tips right down to my latest fashion finds.

About me

Hey, so I'm a beauty and fashion enthusiast living in the heart of London. I love food, movies and getting dolled up, like literally you'll find me with my headphones in the early hours of the morning getting carried away with applying blusher. I also have a bad habit of purchasing products and not truly finishing them if i come across a potentially better product, oh and i'm pretty sure the amount of make-up reviews and tutorials i watch can easily be classified as abnormal, and that's about it for now :).

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Take care, 😽


  1. I love your blog, its inspiring and I do have to admit, after reading your serum post I went out to buy my own, its amazing, I love it! thank you for recommending it :)

  2. Hiya Hun, I have to say your blog is really good! and your pictures are amazing <3 keep it up and you'll go far :) xx

  3. loved your blog :)
    do you have other social media accounts ??

    1. Hey! Yes I do, my instagram dedicated to this blog is @felinevibes

  4. Hello beautiful,
    I nominated you for the Liebster award (link below). If you choose to accept it then make sure you tweet me @Naturallyimperf so I can have a look at your answers, or leave a comment on my website.
    Lots of love,